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For paddle vessels like stand up paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, and row boats without motors, the NH Marine Patrol would probably support with enthusiasm using one of these $14.50 C-Strobe white light led flashers as long as it has a 360-degree, all around display which means wearing it on top of your hat, or something like that.

You could lie on your back on the paddle board, and hold it in your mouth, to make it the highest light point on the vessell ...... ha-ha-ha-ho-ho-ho ...... just kidding .....

For $14.50 it makes a totally super-duper secondary light or emergency light, or a light to use when the wired navigation lights are not working. Worth the price, good design, bright white flashing light, waterproof, easy to operate, 45-lumens visible for two plus miles across the water.

A high visibility white flasher that can make all the difference ... .... the C-Strobe water rescue light.
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