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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
Solar can still be extremely helpful (and a great financial return!). I am all electric in Mass, with mini-splits for heat. I have a solar system on the roof that provides about 2/3's of my power needs. The solar power generated is netted out automatically from my bill each month--I run a surplus in the Summer, generating a large credit on my bill, then the surplus is worked off during the winter months.

The financials on this are amazingly good--the IRS refunds 30% of the cost of the system on tax day (going down to 25% next year), then you save thousands of dollars per year after that. My whole system will be paid for in 6 years, the annual return on investment is ~18%
I think the dynamics change with electric baseboard, but, yes, solar would help defray costs over time. I'll be investigating the costs of having NG run to my house--it's at the street--vs. going to electric heat pumps/mini-splits.

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