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Originally Posted by Ross_t View Post
I'm a bit paranoid when I see a MP boat in the area as well. I always (try to) abide by boating laws and regulations, but still feel uneasy when they're in the area. On the other hand, I always wish one was around when some idiot almost swamps my boat by going full speed 20 feet away from me!
The only times I've been stopped by the MP, or over here by state police or Coast Guard, is for standard/random inspections.

In all my years of boating, I've personally never seen and of the idiotic boaters like you've just described being stopped. I'm sure some have, I've just never seen them.

For the stops posted about above, the MP's sure must be a bored lot, and they must never see Captain Bonehead either. I doubt there's anyone in this forum that wouldn't know exactly where to keep post to fine them. If the MP is reading this board, it does certainly give hints.
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