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Originally Posted by Ms Molly McKever View Post
I think the mp in general do a good job. Better with than with out.
100% Agree with this statement. I am usually quite a supporter and defender of the Marine Patrol. This "issue" that I spoke of and subsequently wrote an email to MPHQ about is minor in comparison to the benefit they provide. My email was directed as a notice to provide Marine Patrol with information that could help to improve MP/Civilian relations. Lots of people hate police, marine patrol, etc and this "issue" gives fuel to the fire, so to speak, for those people. If I were an MP director I would want my officers to be the picture of courteous boaters on the waterways. This "habit" that several officers seem to have adopted is discourteous at best. I really hope that, as the email stated to me, this issue was addressed to the MP officers and they change their "habits" sooner than later. It actually benefits the department more so than the civilian boater IMO.
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