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Default now I get it

This same thing happened to me, in the area just described nearby Long Island. I came up behind an MP boat that was idling through that section and passed him. I believe I was more than 150' away as he was exiting the channel. He wrote me up for a fine. I didn't think too much of it and figured I should have waited a bit longer to pass him. Only now, after reading several of these posts, do I realize I was set up.

Back to the opening post, I do believe the Marine Patrol makes it a lot LESS fun to boat on Winni because of their overzealousness. I also feel that when there are young kids in the boat and they see their parents and other adults cringe and get defensive whenever they see an MP vessel, it sends the wrong message to the kids about law enforcement officers. I believe that kids should be brought up respecting LEOs and expecting them to be courteous and helpful, even if they are correcting unlawful behavior. How many boating families on the Lake feel threatened by the MPs and pass that on to the kids? I look back and realize we did, and I wish I hadn't.

Does the Marine Patrol even care that they are seen in a negative light by far too many reasonable boaters?

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