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Originally Posted by chipj29 View Post
You know, you brought up an interesting point that I had not thought of. With the recent stories of MP forcing boats into a 150' violation, I wonder if our crying out for increased enforcement of existing laws has led them to do this?
We asked for it, we got it?
I don't remember anyone asking to be harassed for being a responsible boater. I don't recall anyone calling out for the MP to use dirty tactics. Assuming the acts reported here are intentional and real, I'd think somebody would be pretty embarrassed to call them the MP. I'd also like to think there's only one or two in the MP that feel the urge to do these things.

As others have stated, there are plenty of boneheads out on the water at any given point to target, no need to make it happen. These types of incidents have a way of turning public opinion against you, which is not a good thing. The more responsible boaters there are on the lake willing to assist the MP, and discuss problems with them, the better the MP will be for it. If these types of actions are real, then the lake and it's inhabitants have another job to do.

Again, if this is just a couple or a few, continued reports of this behavior will raise a red flag to those in charge. I don't believe for a minute they'd appreciate the actions.
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