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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
I had Line-X on one truck and Rhino Liner on another. The former was hard and somewhat slippery, the latter was softer and grippy. Things slid around on the Line-X, but that made moving things easy. Things were gripped on Rhino Liner, but moving things around was tough. Rhino felt better on my knees. Both lasted a LONG time with no real deterioration.

I had a Truxedo on both. My brother and friend have also had Truxedos. They lasted a LONG time with minimum deterioration. Were I to buy now, I'd buy a Truxedo.


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As I recall there were two Line-X finishes available the shiny (slippery) and the dull rough (non slippery). I chose the rough and like Dan said, nothing moves around on it while driving.
My Truxedo tonneau does not leak either! Totally keeps rain water out!
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