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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I doubt everyone is using the bathroom facilities. It's pretty nasty if you really think about it. You're swimming around in pee!
The Braun Bay area would be about 500,000 cubic feet of water area (~800'x200'x3' deep).

There are 7.48 gallons of water in 1 ft^3.

Thus there is over 3.7 million gallons of water in the Braun Bay area alone.

Let's assume you have 1,000 people there, and they each pee .5 gallons over the course of the day, that 500 gallons / 3.7M gallons, or a diluted amount of .013% pee.

That is of course not accounting for any additional dilution caused from currents through the area (natural, or just caused by boat movement).

Meh, not really in my Top 10 list of concerns about a sandbar.
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