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Originally Posted by Billy Bob View Post
The State of NewHampshire has more laws and restrictions on boating then any other state in the country. In Florida we have substantially more boats per cap.
And basically stick with the Coast Guard guidelines . The lake is used heavy about 8 week ends a year but we have restrictions that imply full usage 365 days a year. Lighten up with this crap
The ICW has more rules than WInni. Not sure where you boat but they have no wake, minimum wake, speed limits in the channel that are different than out of the channel, not to mention the manatee areas, Not to mention miles upon miles of no wake restrictions.

Winni has a speed limit, 150 foot rule, and No wake zones. Florida is far more restrictive than NH.

If people just uses common sense we would have less rules and laws because 90% of us would follow common sense.

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