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Originally Posted by Garcia View Post

As to GPS in a boat, perhaps Iím the exception to the rule. Iíve driven a wide range of boats during my five decades on the lake and only the most recent has had GPS - in fact, most have not had a speedometer. In my current boat I rarely turn on the GPS; Iíve never felt the need to use it to monitor my speed in a NWZ or anywhere else.

I feel confident I can get through a NWZ safely and efficiently - and my guess is so can anyone else on this forum. That said, it is interesting in these winter months to talk about boating - ice out is not far away!
You probably have not been taking full advantage of the allowable 6 MPH. Think of the time lost!

FWIW, I've had GPS on my boats since 2005 and use it extensively. My latest boat has two GPS plotters (a 10 year old one that still works great, and a brand new one that displays Active Captain). I plan to augment them with a tablet running Navionics as well. I explore/cruise (off Winni) quite a bit and like to have as much information as possible to avoid touching bottom. One of the props or shafts on my latest boat costs more than the tablet, the newer GPS, and the Navionics app combined, so it's money well-spent if it keeps the props and shafts straight. I think Active Captain is a must for anyone that likes to do multi-day cruises too, it's super handy.
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