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Originally Posted by Garcia View Post
I disagree and think it will lead to fewer issues. It clears up the intent of the law - go slow and minimize the wake (I said minimize as I realize one cannot completely eliminate it). Those people who are going to contest a ticket under the current system (I was going 6MPH...) are probably the same ones who are going to contest a ticket under the proposed system (I canít steer my boat if I go any slower...).

As to GPS in a boat, perhaps Iím the exception to the rule. Iíve driven a wide range of boats during my five decades on the lake and only the most recent has had GPS - in fact, most have not had a speedometerr. In my current boat I rarely turn on the GPS; Iíve never felt the need to use it to monitor my speed in a NWZ or anywhere else.

I feel confident I can get through a NWZ safely and efficiently - and my guess is so can anyone else on this forum. That said, it is interesting in these winter months to talk about boating - ice out is not far away!
Well said, Garcia! The intent of the law is to NOT make a wake. it has nothing to do with speed limit. And as you said most people in most circumstances on the lake will still be able to steer. As MP has said before, they have been taken to court over this and have won. And this argument which is the same thing over and over and over is exactly why this change in the law is needed. The 6 MPH was never intended for the lake. After it is passed, there will be no more dispute. No wake is no wake. And if there is the occasional boat or current that requires a boater to go a little faster at certain time, I am sure the MP is smart enough to figure that out.
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