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Originally Posted by Garcia View Post
Doesn't steerage mean going where you want to go? If so, how can you maintain steerage if your speed is not enough to overcome the effect of current or wind and you are moving backwards? Sure, one can keep control of the boat and keep the bow pointing in the correct direction, but is this the same as steerage? Maybe I'm missing the point of the post...

Regardless, for Lake Winnipesaukee, I like the proposed revised definition of NWZ as it is clear in its intent. At least it is to me...
NH does not define "steerage", nor do COLREGS.

Merriam Webster says:
Definition of steerageway

: a rate of motion sufficient to make a ship or boat respond to movements of the rudder

Does not mention what direction the motion needs to be.

I totally agree on intent and I think most boaters will understand. I also believe it will make no difference to damaging wakes, but will make congestion worse in tight channels when a few boaters inevitably fail to understand the intent and take the law at face value.
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