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Default channel list

I tried 3x antennas before I stopped, from $30 to $149, 2x amped indoor and 1x outdoor. Some channels are sporadic but I get the same results from all 4.

These four always :

Call Sign Affiliate Channel

Justice Justice Network 06.2
Antenna Antenna TV 06.3
Quest Quest 06.4

These come in but are flaky :

WGME-HD CBS 13.1 (never clear)
TBD-TV TBD 13.2 (rarely clear)
ASN-TV Stadium 13.3 (early AM or late PM only)

I aim out from Gilford, any direction doesn't matter as either Rattlesnake or mountains are in the way. So whatever antenna doesn't really matter. For a test from outside Boston I get ~ 40 stations on the $30 Walmart special and ~ 45 from the better $99 indoor amped. So I think it's much more where you are vs. which one you buy.
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