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Originally Posted by Orion View Post
If you do manage to get local channels you can use a Tablo DVR to stream those channels to any TV that has a streaming receiver attached or internal. I used to use DirecTV on the island. I now have a Tablo DVR at my central MA winter home where I get over 40 channels via an attic antenna into the Tablo. The Tablo is connected to the internet and I can stream from MA to the island (app installed on island Apple TV or any android device). So on the island, I get all broadcast channels (and DVR recorded shows) via DSL stream from my MA home, free except the cost of internet at both locations (which I would have regardless). Also, the Tablo DVR interface is as good or better than the DirecTV software, which prior I had thought was the best.

Also, I did try the new Channel Master DVR (I had an older one), but was very disappointed in the interface and performance.
I've had a Tablo for a couple years now and it's great! I can access it from anywhere via a phone app, Roku, or Firestick and watch either recorded shows or live TV. It can record up to 4 simultaneous shows and/or play back up to 6 streams (haven't ever found a need to check this).

I particularly like that I can watch my "home" news and weather programs.
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