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Yes. Let's focus on the positive and discuss site history in another thread.
I would have two goals.
First, public access to public waters. Too many of our publicly owned waters are surrounded by private land owners and the public has no access. Selling the property defeats this.
Second, it should be something that enhances the fiscal position of the City of Laconia. Residential development costs more in services than the related tax revenue provides, so I'd cross residential off the list.
There are other threads that talk about developing the Weirs, but there is no large open waterfront parcel.
This site has sufficient size and shorefront to do several things in one comprehensive development plan, but you need some major money to do something like the Balsams project. What are two things that you want for a resort? Land/golf course and waterfront. Then put up a "Grand Hotel" like the others that NH is known for. They all seem to be thriving.
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