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If the State of NH sells any part of the 200-acre former state school/prison property, the City will automatically start collecting property taxes from the new owner, so why should Laconia get involved in buying this property with all its problems including old ruined and dilapidated brick buildings with asbestos, lead paint, underground oil tanks, and hidden underground burial of human remains? Tear them down!

Best plan for Laconia is to do nothing and wait it out ..... what its been doing since 1903 .... and let it continue to be the State's problem. The State made the mess so the State can fix it.

If there was a viable economic re-make or remodel, it already would have happened because the state school closed way back in 1991, and the prison with 400-prisoners closed in 2009. Best plan for the State could well be to tear down all the old buildings, and plant a field of green grass, then sell it to new owners.
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