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You need to visit the Fish & Game boat launch on Water St, Laconia, behind the Boulia Gorrell Lumber. It accesses Lake Winnisquam, is totally free to use, built with fishing license fees, has two ramps, a large dock, parking for cars and trailers.

It is sandwiched between the NH DES former wastewater treatment plant, a defunct failed 1980-vintage wastewater lake polluter, and the Boulia Gorrell Lumber property. The State of NH built a super-duper boat launch on what was a basically unused or under used lot of land via the eminent domain process.

It is like the greatest state boat launch ever built in the US ..... building a very usable boat launch ...... where there was nothing but a vacant unused lot with some old junkie boards and aging weathered lumber .... out in the sun and rain .... but not much else ..... just some unwanted, old stuff .... way in the back of the lumber business .... and the pollut'n water plant that would turn Lake Winnisquam an ugly shade of green ..... ugh .... green!

It is there ..... free to use ..... open and doable ...... you could go trailer your boat ...... and launch it today ...... and park your car and trailer right there, very nearby.

And, Lake Winnisquam, NH 3rd biggest lake with 4214-acres, has no speed limit ..... 107-mph, gps confirmed, is supposedly legal on Winnisquam ..... you can launch the 27' twin hull cat w/ twin Merc-300's ....... get out there and go for it ....... today!

This state boat ramp on the Winnipesaukee River is something like two miles, along the Winnisquam shoreline, south of Ahern State Park.

So, why doesn't the State of NH tear down the remaining water treatment ruins that are close to the boat launch? Probably for the same reason they don't fix the pot holes in the road at Ahern State Park.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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