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To get somewhat of a glimpse on what the 200-acre former State School property is, click on "Lakes Region Facility" under references to see a small photograph with all the old red brick buildings.

The lake at the top of the photo is Lake Opechee and the 200-acre former state school-prison property has no access to it, and not to Lake Winnisquam either.

And, here's a 1:54 youtube showing Ahern State Park featuring a mountain biker shot on Dec 7, 2015....... .... in this video, Ahern State Park looks fantastic, and three cheers for the NH legislature moving to split it off from the abutting state school-prison property back around 1994 named Governor's State Park and renamed Ahern State Park in 1998 ..... hip hip hurray ...... must have been a Fred Toll legislative local power maneuver ....... ......... way-to-go FRED!

December 3; lost Grandma's ring at Ahern State Park;
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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