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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
While the 200-acre former Laconia State School for Feeble-Minded Children overlooks two lakes, Lake Winnisquam (third largest NH lake), and Lake Opechee, it has no access to either lake.

The 200-acre State School property abuts Ahern State Park which used to be part on the State School property from 1903-1994. Ahern State Park has 130-acres of big trees, big rocks, and poorly maintained dirt/gravel roads, a number of walking trails, and 3700' of totally beautiful Lake Winnisquam undeveloped, natural shoreline.

3700' of shoreline could get developed into 37 different waterfront lots with 100' each, maybe selling for one million dollars each, with a quality residential home and municipal water/sewer utilities ...... so, that's 37-million gross plus all the other 300-acres left over ...... 330-300=30-acres.

So, why doesn't the State of NH do the right thing and sell the 130-acre Ahern State Park to the City of Laconia for the sum of one dollar? What's
missing from the 200-acre State School property is access to either very nearby lake ...... boo-hoo-hoo-hoo ...... trick or treat ..... looks like Laconia got tricked on this deal ...... and probably forever!

So, the State of NH owns both properties, Ahern State Park-130 acres, and the former Laconia State School-200 acres ...... and not much is happening, or will be happening ...... nothing, nothing, nothing, and more nothing. In this case, nothing may be the best result here ...... nothing is not so bad ...... 3700' of undisturbed, natural shoreline is probably a great shoreline for fishing small mouth bass with no shoreline neighbors.

Ahern State Park is where you can car roof top a kayak or canoe, and paddle it along, close to the 3700' wooded and undeveloped shoreline, with no waterfront homes. Entry into Ahern is no charge, so that's one great value, and worth a look ..... a fishing license cost $45/yr ..... and fishing at Ahern makes it worth the price.
Doing nothing is a terrible idea. Read the article, look at the current cost to maintain the facility with NO income coming in from the property. It is and will continue to be a financial drain if "NOTHING" is done
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