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Originally Posted by WinnisquamZ View Post
Many years away from a shovel in the ground building something on this property. The environmental groups have been silent during all these discussions, waiting to hear wait they say once a plan is identified. One major concern that killed a project next to this land back in the 80í was water runoff. Once you start to build these areas up along the lake, driveways, septic, rain water all become serious issues that canít be easily solved to the satisfaction of the lake lovers and tree huggers. Ties the developers up in court for years to come. ****, we canít even fertilize our lawn or cut down a tree.

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Forgive me - just want to clarify, not accuse - your well-fertilized lawn and landscaping is more important than the lake's health? And the impacts to not only your own property health, but also your neighboors'?

How long have you owned a home on the lake?
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