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Originally Posted by SIKSUKR View Post
FWIW my Burnham boiler with a Beckett burner has been going strong for 28 years. Had a Boderus installed in dads house and really like it. The techs rave about them also.
Burnham changed things up in the 90's, I was told they moved their casting operation or subcontracted it out of the country in the 90's. The castings would crack, the first time it was covered under warranty, although I had to pay about $500 for labor to switch it out. The second time it cracked I said forget it and switched brands.

For the OP, I had a power venter, I hated that thing, it was loud and not very reliable. I also disliked having the discharge low to the ground as the fumes always found a way into an open window in the summer. So I ditched the power venter and put a stainless chimney up the side of the house. The chimney was a thousand or two more than another power vent would have been, but has no reliability issues and I don't smell burning fuel oil when my boiler kicks in for my hot water storage tank. YMMV.
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