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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I've had a dozen homes over my 65 years, mostly with oil fired boilers, and they have all had either Weil McLain or HB smith boilers that have lasted 25 years or more with no major issues.
Sometimes going with the new technology has it's pit falls. A lot more head aches for a little more efficiency?
After a lot of research we had a new Weil McLain gas fired boiler installed last December. As I searched the internet for other people's heating system experiences I found lots of reports and comments about the problems people were having with the new on demand systems. I talked to several installers and the opinions were split between on demand and traditional boilers.

When I posted a picture on FB of the ancient boiler being removed a friend posted a picture of his brand new wall hung on demand system and bragged how it was so efficient and cutting edge. The next time I saw him they said that shortly after that post they started having problems that took the heating contractor a few weeks to resolve.

We're so glad we went with a traditional time proven Weil McLain boiler. It has cut our gas bill by at least 2/3's and we haven't had a single problem with it. Since the spring every gas bill has been under $30 and that's only because the boiler also heats the hot water.

I feel we made the right choice.

Here's a picture of the old beast being hauled away. The removal crew said "By next month this will be a Kia".
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