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Originally Posted by Charlie T View Post
I'm looking for a reliable HVAC contractor to perform a replacement of a old Oil boiler with a new 3 pass boiler. I'm looking at the Weil Mclain Ultra Oil boiler or the Buderus G115w boiler. I was interested in the Burnham 3 pass units as well but pre sales info request from Burnham was met with rude responses from the factory so I'm leaving them out of the mix.

I'm also looking at a "direct vent" option using a Riello burner as a way to get rid of the power vent I have now. No chimney is available. I'd welcome replies from anyone who has installed a direct vent oil system in the past few years.

I'm in Gilford. Any response it welcome.


Charlie T
I've installed hundreds of boilers... the best oil boiler out there is a System 2000 hands down! This one vents side wall...

Yes there are cheaper boilers out there, but if you want the most efficient this company is it. Buderus is only the block not a system, it's not efficient and needs a high static burner like a Riello and is very noisy. As someone has mentioned, stay away from wall hung units, they're being installed on baseboard systems that will lead to their premature failure. Wall hung boilers are designed for low temp applications so if you're doing a radiant of fan coil system you'll be fine. Good luck
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