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Originally Posted by Descant View Post
The only ones allowed to jump from the boat to our dock are the cat and the dog. Both have missed the jump ObaCE. If you jump and miss, it will only be ONCE. Jumping to the dock is not a good plan. Soon, you'll learn to approach close enough to reach a line around a post or hand a line to somebody on the dock. Glad you had fun.
Each to their own with what works over time. Going on 39 years either my wife (usually) or I hop onto the dock with both fore and aft lines as the boat kisses the dock. Or if no kiss of the dock then another try. There is almost never anyone to hand a line to and our usual wind from the side makes trying to loop a line around a post from the boat more changeling than "quickly" and simply stepping off with the lines.

We are both agile and often have a side wind wanting to blow us away from the dock so that this has worked here for us and the prior generation.

Other approaches that I have seen for our situation is for the "crew" to use a boat hook to grab a post or a rope loop on a post.
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