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Originally Posted by Hivolt View Post
Just an update:

I had my first half day on the lake today. Apparently there was some confusion in my reservation for the boat AND captain and I was unable to attain the services of a captain, but I figured i'd just go slow and get comfortable and see where I was time wise once I felt comfortable operating the vessel.
I started in Paugus Bay where I rented it and was content just staying there if I felt uncomfortable, after a half hour I felt like I had control of the boat so I decided to venture out the mouth.
I made it out of the mouth and decided I would take it real slow to see where I could get in an hour. I crawled through the buoys between eagle Island and Governors and crawled again through the channel markers at the witches, the lake was nice and calm and I ended up making it all the way to Wolfeboro where I tried my hand at docking at the fuel dock and again at the public docks....meh, pretty ugly but I got in with damaging ours or anyone elses boat, the wife and I still have to work out a good efficient system. I can't wait to do it again though.

The only real trouble I had today was over steering at no wake speed. The nose of the boat was going right to left and I just couldn't find a happy medium, it that standard for a boat at no wake speed? Or was my boat maybe just a little worn as far as steering goes?

Thank you everyone for all of your help and advice, I was able to apply a great deal of the tips out there today.
Sounds like you had a great day--it was real slow where we were, so probably a perfect start.

I've been a pontoon-boat captain for a few years now, and two things: 1. I'm not convinced any of my dockings have been pretty. And it doesn't matter to me--as long as I don't damage anything, I'm cool. In fact, I almost always just slowly drift up and pull myself in. 2. I drove a friend's bowrider last week and I couldn't keep it perfectly straight either--just something that takes getting used to, especially after driving a pontoon.

Congrats on a great first day!

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