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Originally Posted by Hivolt View Post
Is it common practice to just tie a bowline and throw it around the dock post? It's just me and the wife and the two mutts and shes a good listener.
Can she do this without losing her balance and falling overboard?

Will the dockline hit its mark without falling into the water and maybe becoming dinner for the propellor?

Now that you have clarified that your wife is the other soul aboard I must amend my "SD and SU" advice. Say please before uttering those words.

Will the pups stay on the boat when approaching the dock or might they wish to start shore leave early? It may be a good idea to restrain them.

What time will you be taking delivery of the rental boat? Does this plan allow you to practice docking in a place that's easy?

You have gotten some good advice above. I'd like to add and or emphasize:

Don't approach the dock any faster than you are willing to hit it!

When getting close to the dock, stop the boat several boat lengths out to gauge what the wind will do to you. Position the boat upwind enough so that you don't have to use much throttle to finish docking.

Once in gear, the boat can build momentum quickly. Plan on putting it in gear just long enough to get the desired response and then back to neutral. Use reverse to stop or slow the boat, not lines or hands.

Remember this:

We are all counting on you!
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