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The Stardot Netcam is a good choice. I've been running them for years at several locations without a problem.

Stardot has a (paid) time-lapse system. If you look at the WeirsCAM time-lapse page the first time-lapse is from Stardot.

The second one is from Weather Underground (free). Once you sign up they'll start archiving your images and making time-lapses.

The third one is from Lookr (free). They create a nice smooth time-lapse BUT don't provide embed code to insert the time-lapse in a webpage. If they ever do that I'll drop the Stardot service and just use Lookr.

Many of the webcams at the lake are on both Lookr and Weather Underground. Since they're free why not sign-up for both?

Whatever you do don't give visitors direct access to your camera. Your home internet service is not intended to support a public web server, which is what the camera becomes if you allow direct access. Instead upload the image every 5 or 10 minutes to a web site out on the internet.

If your Netcam model supports h.264 video you can use a service like Streamby to grab video from your camera and redistribute it. I've used Steamby before and it is a great way to distribute live video from your camera without giving the public direct access.

Hope that helps some. Good luck and be sure to let us know when your camera is ready for public viewing!
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