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Alright, I posted this video not to bash any one type of boat or its owners. It was presented to the forum members to show an up front video of what can happen when something goes bad in a boat under power if the occupants are not seated or secured in the boat using the equipment provided by the manufacturer.
Take your bickering to another forum where the rest of us don't have to read it.
This type of incident can happen in a sail boat, johnboat, boston whaler, classic, antique, Donzi, Scarab, you name it. It wasn't posted to bash those of us who like to open "er up on accasion or anybody participating in poker runs.
If you are the operator of that any vessel, you are responsible for your passengers, that is it.
So, as a firefighter myself, I have to agree with my distant brother from paugus bay and say that this video is an excellent tool for all of us to learn from. Sadly, as most of these tools are at the expense of someone elses safety and health. With that I wish them a full recovery from their injuries.
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