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Default WOW! This thread is way off base!

1. I don't believe the 38 Fountain was any where over 70 judging from the 'rooster tail' in the film. The Fountain is a driver's boat. The stepped version is not very forgiven and the driver has to be on his toes every second. A rogue wave is all it takes to cause a violent shake up. I had it happen to me in a 13' Boston Whaler!

2. I was an active participant in all poker runs on the lake. I have yet to see a pace boat go over 45, maybe a couple of mph over but that's it. Paticipants don't want any bad marks on poker run envents and I don't expect to see one. There are folks that will do anything to get performance boats of the lake. I have been stopped numerous times by the MP because someone reported me going 100 mph. The beauty of my GPS is that it recorded top speed and in most cases average 35 mph. This evident is enough to point the finger the other way.

I always drive tethered to the kill switch. If I am to drive at speed I always don a jacket and I insist my passengers do as well.
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