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Cool Nope...Can't be the Speeding Tickets Making Things Safer...

Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
When you live on an island boats are your ONLY form of travel. This legislation would be unfairly restrictive to island children.
If SBONH-NHRBA persists in "standing behind" this new law, perhaps they will issue a press-release of an "Emergency Clause" for the new regulation. You know, "For Safety".

Originally Posted by jrc View Post
As to APS, maybe his posts are in the middle of the day where he posts. He had a name with a middle east flavor before, maybe he posts from there. 4:30AM in NH is 11:30AM in Cairo or Jerusalem.

1) That name, at that time, was emphatically SW Asian: It has now spread to 40+ locations—in Virginia. "Opening awareness" was the purpose in selecting that name.

2) With the present user-name, I'd hoped that the Acres-per-Second expression could introduce the complex equation that fast boats "use up" more of Lake Winnipesaukee's surface for themselves than peaceful boaters.

(Especially when side by side by side by side—when "not racing". ).

3) However, after very careful analysis, Pineneedles has uncovered that Yosemite Sam and ApS are ("is") the same person:

Originally Posted by Pineedles
Is Yosemite Sam and Acres Per Second the same person? I find it strange that Y.S. has thanked APS several times and it doesn't fit his profile.
So I must set my alarm for the middle of the morning to unhinge that discovery upon every occasion I post as Yosemite Sam.

Originally Posted by LIforrelaxin View Post
APS, I need your help here, while I am sure some comments related to a safe season have been and will be made. I am curious as to where the NHMP gave all the credit to the SL... Further more I can't believe the NHMP gave the credit solely to the Speed limit. Please let us know where you are pulling this information from. Allow people to fully read what you have read so that they can make a decision based solely on the actually press release, and not on someone interpretation of the press release.
Bear Islander and I frequently get this same "putting words in my mouth" treatment.

The Director did not express a SL opinion in his 2010 statement—which addressed "Winnipesaukee's Safest Season in Many Years". (My quote).

However, in reluctant agreement, VitaBene stated of the 2009 season, "the lake was saner". The price of gasoline may be the reason the 2008 season appeared unusually quiet, but much less-so, the two seasons of the official speed limits—2009/2010.

Will SBONH-NHRBA—perhaps—credit the NHMP's issuance of 20+ speeding tickets?
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