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Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
So BI, now you want safety data to prove something?

Look, Skip gave you credit for being an adult. Now act like one, and call the MP or call Rep. Chris Christensen and tell them there's something else they should consider.

It was a silly loophole that hadn't been brought up before. Better yet, suggest it here or "over there", instead of whining.
I have already contacted the Marine Patrol requesting data on under 12 year old operators. I have also received and sent several PMs, emails and phone calls on the subject. I guess I kind of stirred up a hornets nest.

There was plenty of data and testimony to support a speed limit. We can argue forever about whether or not it was sufficient. So far I am unaware of ANY data that supports setting an operator minimum at 12 years old. If the Marine Patrol has data that makes a case for this legislation, then that is a different story.

All opinions to the contrary, I like to keep an open mind.
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