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Originally Posted by MotorHead View Post
Everything can be recovered, even if you reformat the hard drive or even use wipe disk. Putting couple of nails thru the hard drive or smashing the hard drive is the best suggestion.
I am in the ITAD and data destruction industry.

It takes some pretty sophisticated equipment to recover data from a hard drive when wiped with a decent software. I do have one of those machines, but you’ll would have to piece any fragments of data found like a puzzle to possibly get anything of use. These are typically used to pull files off a failed drive, not one that has been erased.

A 7 pass erasure meets DOD standards, with no physical destruction.

I have a hard drive shredder, degausser and numerous test and erasure racks here at work and can make anything unrecoverable if anyone is that concerned with the contents of their drive.
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