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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Anyone know what the sweet spot, property value is for Town of Meredith; the assessed value where you leave the land of making your property tax payment with money that can be deducted from federal taxes, and enter the level above $10,000?

Is it $850,000 assessed Meredith property value?

If yes, then owning Meredith property assessed above $850,000 got more expensive for tax year 2018 ...... paying with non-deductible, real money for above your town's sweet spot..... no more help from your long time real estate friend, Uncle Sam ...... the federal government ....... what happened
to our long term relationship ....... you, me, the Federal Gov and owning a home.......... The Federal Gov has always, always, always been so nice about this?

Have two homes ....... it is $10,000-total ...... like for one in NH and one in FL ........ as opposed to $10,000 for each home ..... which would be $20,000 ...... you get this picture. Yes, we see.
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