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Originally Posted by Keel Holler View Post
Hi all, were looking for advice on lake water systems for our island camp.

Currently we have a pump under the house that draws water up from the lake. Its just about 10 years old, but it has been failing more & more often- went out 4 times last year.

After having trouble getting it going this year, the contractor is now recommending we install a different type of system using a submersible pump further out in the lake that would pump up to the house. He says hes been switching everyone over to this arrangement; he thinks it is more reliable and the maintenance is easier.

Does anyone have experience with this type of system, or just advice about the whole scenario? Were fine replacing the system (using buckets gets old fast!), we just want to do it right. The last thing we want is to switch to something just as problematic, except far out and underwater where we personally cant reach it

Also, the contractor recommends adding a UV light in addition to the filter. He says that eliminates the need for bottled water. Thoughts anyone?
Can you elaborate on the term failure?
It might help some of us understand what you may be experiencing....

As for putting a submersible pump out in the lake, it is something I see a lot of people doing. Personally I do not like the idea, putting electricity out into the lake creates a risk that doesn't need to be there....

I have very little problem with my jet pump system, its roughly about 10 feet above the foot valve in the lake, and as long as all connections are tight priming it isn't a big deal.... This year I have installed cam locks which should make things even easier on me....

As for a UV light, its not a bad option... I keep thinking about installing one, but other projects always seem to come up....
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