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When I was 14 years old (early 70ís) I had a job that required me to get up @ 3AM on Sunday and ride to New York City with my boss to pick up a van full of Bagels. We got them from a massive facility that was operated by a number of Hasidic Jews. We would then stop at mom and pop shops and eateries in every town in route of our return to the Berkshires Thatís back before Murray Lender bagged bagels up and put them in super markets.

From On-line research: The first written records of the bagel date to the year 1610. They showed up then in the community regulations of the Polish city of Krakow, which dictated that bagels were to be given as a gift to women after childbirth. Back in medieval Poland, their round shape led to the belief that bagels had magical powers.

As the bagel has transcended time it is my opinion that we need to go no farther than Winnepesaukee Bay Gulls to get a great bagel.
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