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Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
I was thinking hours on the main page, or a way to make it "live" like Google. The boaters I know--granted, most own on/near the lake--all have charts and/or gps and know where gas can be found--much more quickly than just using the town and clicking on each marina link--but I see tons of posts on Facebook and forms asking if stations are open, especially pre- and post-season.

PS These are my thoughts after having been exposed to the site four years ago and having returned to it almost never again. Good on you for trying to move it forward, as there's a ton of potential value.

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Thanks for the ideas! I could add hours to the main listing, but similar to another suggestion, too much information makes it harder to read on some of those small iPhones out there.

I suppose I could color code some fields to show currently open (green) or closed (red) at the time you load the page. This wouldn't take up any more screen real estate. As it is now, currently some of the listings wrap to a second line on some of the small phones.

The other issue I have is that I don't have operation hours for every gas dock. So I'd hate to provide possible misleading info if my data was wrong or missing.

Please take a look at the new site again, it's significantly different than the previous site, but should look familiar enough to be easy to use (at least this was my goal).

As an example of a new feature, at first I thought the Gas Map would just be a fun thing to do, but after implementing it I was surprised to see their actual locations of many of the gas docks on the lake. Maybe this would help someone? It would certainly help new boaters that may not be as familiar with the lake.
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