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Originally Posted by Barney Bear View Post
On the Gas Map, The number 4 for Fay's Boat Yard is hidden by the number 12.

Perhaps the gas availability locations could be included on the list of these locations. ⛽️
Due to the nature of the map, at some zoom levels, an overlap of the pins can occur, I can't really control that.

The best thing to do is to zoom in. You can use the + or - buttons to zoom in or out. Alternatively on a phone or tablet use two fingers to "pinch / expand" to zoom in or out. On a PC with a mouse, you can also double click to zoom in, double right click to zoom out, or if your mouse has a wheel, you can sometimes zoom in our out by holding the CTRL key down while using the scroll wheel if the mouse if over the map.

SIKSUKR: Thanks for the clarification. I think I have it fixed now.

Recently Google's updated satellite view of the lake is very clear. It almost seems like you can zoom in and almost look inside the windows of many boats now. LOL it's nice to have this much clarity.

Please let me know if any other Pins are not right at the gas pump on each dock. I think I have most of them ok now, but could have made an error as I haven't been to every gas dock on the lake.

Another idea I have is to take a photo of each gas dock, showing how it looks on approach from a boat's point of view. I'll put these photos on the station detail page. I think it will help someone that may not be familiar with each gas dock.

I also thought about adding navigational warnings or notes for any gas docks that may be difficult to approach. For example, a friend told me that Melvin Village Marina can be difficult to approach when the lake is low, he claims he hit a rock last fall on the way in, but I don't remember what the solution to this was. I thought that having notes about any potential hazards would be helpful, but not knowing of any myself, I would have to rely on the boating community to provide this info to me.

After a friend saw the Gas Map, he asked if I could place all the navigational markers on the lake on the map. If anyone has the lat/lon position of all the lake NAVAIDs, perhaps send me a message here or via the App. I'm not sure if I would want to implement this as it may make the map a bit cluttered, but I could take a look and consider it.

Thanks again everyone for the contributions and corrections. I appreciate it, after all, this is for you, the Winni boating community.
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