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Originally Posted by DBreskin View Post
Rich, I also suggest you delete the data point dated January 1, 1970 for Winnisquam Marine on Winnipesaukee (which didnít exist then.)
The date you see is a side effect of having no data on them. It will go away as soon as someone posts the first gas price.

TiltonBB: I believe (but could be wrong) that most gas docks sell mid grade (89 octane) fuel. But there always are exceptions.

Hillcountry: I did get your note and made a note in the station detail about Meredith Marina. You can see the details or notes on any station by clicking on their name in the price listings.

Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Please keep the comments coming. This gives us a couple of solid months to make any changes before Ice Out!

Does anyone know where the Lanes End gas pump is located? (click on that link to see the location of the Pin) I couldn't see it on the map, and I've never been there. I'd like to get this Pin updated on the map. I'm fairly certain I have most of the other Gas Pumps accurately located, but feel free to check and let me know.

Hopefully everyone will find the new features useful.

I'd like to also ask the Gas Docks operators themselves to review the data I have on them, their hours of operation, phone numbers, etc. If would be nice if they would post prices changes as they occur. But I don't know if they would care to do that.

Everyone should feel free to post gas prices every time they go by a gas dock, even if they are not purchasing gas at the time. It can't hurt, and can only help every else. I know I used to use this myself every time I was headed for gas, so I'm happy to keep it online.
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