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Post Lots of moving parts.

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Thanks JS. What were the main issues (of the ones listed) people focused on?

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The predominant concerns came from the folks on Paugus Park Road. I can give you my personal opinion and some of the back channel.

I don't think that Mr. Everett really engaged the local community and there were a lot of moving parts to this one. Fundamentally, if the ZBA approved the plan it would give Mr. Everett broad license in the use of the property. I think that was a very big ask.

Personally, I think that a 2 acre little island is not really a good site for a summer camp. It is just too small and isolated to provide a good experience. I laud Mr. Everett for his intent, but he might be better served to do this on a larger parcel that is more accessible elsewhere.

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