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Damage wise it could, depending on the boat. Whalers for ex., should have bunks because the rollers can form indentations in the hull over time. Of course I’ve heard people may they’ve never had a problem.

I just replaced my little whaler trailer and got the guides too. A little overkill for a 13 but they do make it so much easier with wind and current. All I have to do is catch the bow on one post and I’m in. I also want my boys to start learning how to run and load the boat.

They’re also really helpful for backing up. I’ve been having people drive that aren’t used to trailering so the posts help them know where the trailer is. I did have side bunk guides in my 20’ but find they could be hard to see as they were often submerged.

I’ve never had a roller trailer so don’t know which is better. I will say few weeks ago in the cape At one ramp I couldn’t get my bunks wet. That was a little challenge lol. But we managed to get it off the trailer. Granted the boat doesn’t weigh much.

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