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Never owned a roller trailer and if I ever did buy a boat with one I'd get rid of it. I don't like them for a myriad of reasons.

Three reasons why I personally prefer bunks:

#1 Excellent support of the boat where the weight of the boat is distributed across the surface area of the bunk(s). Easy to fix, replace or modify too. So swapping to 6" bunks, making them longer etc... easy to do. Rollers are just to overly complicated.

#2 Easy to load - they are almost idiot proof to load a boat on and will self correct minor mistakes in approach. I did say almost, there are those that manage to screw this up to which I just say there is no helping them.

#3 Boat is on a much LOWER center of gravity while sitting on the trailer. This is nice for towing. Rollers trailers place the boat way high on the trailer which I really don't like. I want the boat as low and snug to the trailer as possible, less wind resistance and better visibility while in tow.

Everyone has their opinions I guess.
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