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Thumbs down What am I missing here,,,

I normally donít have much to say when people post about things I am not interested in and this would certainly be one of those subjects, but I cant help but feel that something is very different about this situation as in the 2 years I have been active on this site I donít think I have seen any where near as much space devoted to any other single individual.

Now from what I can see Ms. Blizzard has some serious problems and is ripe for a lot of media exposure, but this seems ridiculous.

Is there some obsession with her personally (aside from her legal issues) ???

Or is there some agenda at work here because of here public involvement in boating and her families business???

Seems to me that the attention paid to her is grossly and objectionably overblown compared to the many other individuals one might fixate on should you have such a predilection to do so.

Sorry this fixation just strikes me as a bit creepy given that I seen no other similar postings on this site,,,
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