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They are also in desperate need of a new facility that had been slated to be built years ago, however it has been put on the back burner due to budget cuts.

The MP do an incredibile job with the resources they have and the amount of regulations they are charged with enforcing. I also commend them for their safety first attitude on the waters. They first try to educate boaters rather then simply issuing a fine. This goes a long way in creating a positive boating experience in NH.

Unfortunately there are many lakes that have no presence due to cut backs. Lake Winni gets all the focus but it is only one of hundreds of lakes in the state. We need to get the funds received for boating registrations back into a dedicated fund that cannot and will not be raided every time they spend too much in Concord and need to close the gap.

PS: Don't worry Rusty I will still be around in the summers.
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