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Originally Posted by gtagrip View Post
Really? No comments of what else SBONH has done, i.e. especially the legislation to keep the money getting pulled from Marine Patrol because of State deficits else where. I would think you would be all for that so MP could do their job and catch all the "cowboys" on the lake!
The spokesman for SBONH is leaving NH because boating is too restrictive for him. I don't know what "too restrictive" means but that's what he said.

So if boating is too restrictive now, then why would the SBONH want more Marine Patrols?

I think the MP is doing a great job with the amount of personnel and equipment that they have now. Don't you?

BTW, I hope you don't feel like I'm "talking back" instead of voicing my opinion. That comment about "talking back" is too funny..don't ya think??
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