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Perhaps you sir are the one who may want to get "real" here.

the SL debate has been over for well over a year, however SBONH is still active working with many different safety organizations including the Marine Patrol. We have been successful in passing numerous bills into law and been participants in many lakes region and NH Marine associations. Some of which are:

Unitied States Power Squadron
Wolfeboro Anitque Boat Museum
Governors Public Water Access and Adviosory Board

We have worked with:

The Coast Guard Aux and The Marine Trades Association as well as a variety of other boating clubs in NH.

Most recently we have been trying to work with the legislature to return the boating registration fees to the specified navigational and safety fund rather than being raided every time the state runs a deficit.

These are just some of the efforts our group has made and continue to do so. We are not a one hit wonder like many other groups we have seen come and go.

So please take your uneducated opinions elsewhere and "get real". "speedy boaters of NH" - hope you didn't stay up too late thinking of that one.

Oh P.S. only 3 boats in our group I know of can even exceed 45 mph. But why let facts get in the way of trying to stir the pot.
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