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Originally Posted by MeredithMan View Post
The article states that the extra money is needed to shore-up the is warped and un-safe. Maybe I am naive, but given that the main purpose of a theater is for live performances--which require a stage--shouldn't that have been one of the FIRST things that was assessed in determining the extent of the renovation project? From prior articles, it seems that all of the focus, (and money), was on restoring the grandeur of the theater and only now, at the very end, is anyone looking at the condition of the stage. Really??
I think it was Willie Brown who said the most important thing with any construction project is to just start making a hole and make it so big it can only be filled with money. I'm sure they knew about this all along but there is no way they could ask for extra funds at the end to fix up the plaster. Now it's too far along to give up.
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