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Originally Posted by hilltopper View Post
That's certainly an option, but a much longer option than Waukewan and Winona Roads.

Just a correction to your post...When you take exit 24 you'd take route 3 through Ashland and Holderness, not route 25.
.... wrong! ...... sorry buddy! ...... Routes 3 & 25 co-exist and share the same NH state road from the big intersection in Meredith up to Tenney Mtn Hgwy in Plymouth where Rt 25 goes west past Walmart, and Rt 3 goes north past Forrest Howes' Auto Repair.

And, reg gas is 25-cents less expensive in Holderness, 4.499, at Golden Pond Country Store than in neighboring Ashland, 4.749, at Dead River Mobil. Plus, Golden Pond has golden quality coffee, pizza, fried chicken, and other food items ..... plus golden pond-uhs will do loon calls 'zactly like Katharine Hepburn!

.... imitating those loons ....
.... age-70 & suffering terrible chronic tinnitus ... omg!

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