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A possible explanation...

When the car is running the power steering pump provides pressure to keep the front wheels pointed where you want them.

When you turn the car off the wheels may have been loaded to the left or right.

Without the power steering to resist that force, the wheels unload and settle back to where they they have no force on them.

This puts a twist on the steering wheel which puts pressure on the steering lock.

The key will be hard to remove in this case.

To test this theory, try turning the wheel when the key is giving you trouble.

You will feel resistance as if you are turning it against a strong spring.

If turning the wheel makes the key issue go away then you now know what the problem is.

To prevent it in the future always turn the wheels straight and let go of the steering wheel before shutting the car off.

This may not your problem but it may help others here.

Good luck!
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