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Originally Posted by bigdog View Post
I'm looking for a used small pull behind camper to buy, nothing more than 24'.

If any Forum members have a camper for sale, or know someone who may have one, please send mea 'PM'

FYI, I've already looked on Craigslist, and Forum Classifieds', with no real luck.
I'd like to purchase through a private sale, but will take recommendations of trailer dealers around the lakes region.

Thanks !
So having just gone through the exercise, I suggest the following....
Go to Campers Inn, and look at campers in the size range you are looking at, this will help you decide what you like and don't like......

Then start your search online, for the brand and models that you like. In reality, you best be is actually tyring to look at dealerships, while I understand the desire to find on through a private sale, it is hit or miss.....

In my case I ended up finding my R-pod at a dealership.... It came with advantages, over finding one through a private sale... 1st it was the absolute model I wanted... 2nd all the systems where guaranteed to be working.... 3rd at a reasonable rate I was able to get a extended warranty... (some of the systems in a Trailer like the refrigerator are quite expensive to replace).... because it was used, it already had many upgrades in place, and honestly the dealership, didn't factor those upgrades into the sale price, because it had sat on their lot to long and they wanted it gone.

Unlike cars, where you can save a lot of money going through an private sale.... RVs are the oposite... Many sit on dealership lots, waiting for the right buyer, and at a certain point, the dealerships start slashing prices.... so if you don't need a new, model, often dealerships will hand you a used one at a very atractive price.
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