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Originally Posted by burgerunh View Post
Excavating a deeper channel is not going to change the static level of the water in the lake or the clearance under the bridge. It will just make a deeper channel.
Well technically that would depend on how deep you dig the channel.
Trench down far enough, and you'll lower the collective water level.
Don't have time to do all the math, but I think if you dug a channel 20' wide, by 1000' long and 900' deep, you'd have somewhere around the equivalent of 1 months outflow.

(of course, the dam is what really regulates the water level, so that excavation would have to happen relatively quickly, and then the lake would fill back up).

Maybe a very high powered turbine that sucks the water out of the back bay and pushes it into the rest of the lake?

Or, we could go the other direction on solving this problem and maybe build a trebuchet that launches the boats up and over the bridge?
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